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Apple Plantation Village
This Apple Plantation village is located in Sidomulyo village. This village offers wide Apple plantation that has fresh and health apple from the trees. The visitors allow to pluck the apples directly and try to enjoy the fresh air of apple plantation. The village tourism is facilitated with some lodges and some beautiful fishes.

Exotic Vegetables Village
The vegetables village is located in Pandanrejo village, Girinpuro village and Tulungrejo village, Bumiaji district. The visitors will meet many fresh vegetables here and they able to buy them. There are many kinds of fresh vegetables here, including; broccoli, kailan, lektus, baby beans, carrot, cabbage, etc.

Flowers Village
When the visitors enter Pandanrejo village, Bumiaji district, then they will astonished with many beautiful flowers. The visitors will find natural flowers and allow buying. It is located in Pandanrejo village, Bumiaji district.

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The Chilling Batu

Batu Batu city is located in 800 meters above sea level, with cold temperature between 17-25,6 degree Celsius. Batu city is an area in East Java that surrounded by mountains. Geographically, Batu is a mountainous area. The potencies of this area are coming from the agro tourism properties, which is fruits, vegetables, mountain panorama and the hills. When the visitors visit to Batu city, the fresh mountain air will welcoming us. There are some tourism destination that most visitors visit regularly, they are; Jatim Park, Selecta, Songgoriti, Agro tourism, Coban…

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