Special Food

Cincao is food material that usually used for make ice, kolak, etc. The producer of Cincao is located in Tlekung village, Junrejo district. In rainy season, the producer able to produce 60 tins a day. In dry season it able to produce 200 tins with 20 liter for 1 tin.

Apple Vinegar of Wukir Sari
Known as Apple city, Batu use Apple to make vinegar. The women in Temas village, Batu district try to produce vinegar, using Apple as main material. The fresh vinegar with Apple aroma, titled Wukir Sari. This vinegar has certificate of Health Department of Batu city.

Dodol Apple
Dodol Apel is the special food of Batu city. This cake is made in Bumiaji village, Bumiaji district. The special characteristic of Dodol Apel is made of original Apple fruit. The producer has able to produce 600 – 700 box in 15 days. The cake has distributed to many shop in Batu and also to other cities, such as Malang and East Kalimantan.
If you visit Batu, you can buy this Dodol Apple for souvenir for your family.

White Oyster Mushroom
Oyster Mushroom looks like skin shell that has high protein (19-35%), higher than rice and milk. Beside that, this Mushroom consists of (7,4-27,6%) fiber and low fat. The plantation of white Oyster Mushroom is located in Pesanggrahan village, Batu district and Sumbergondo village, Bumiaji district. This is health food and able to solve your health problem. There are many people like to consume this mushroom, especially for hotels in Batu and Malang. Beside white color, the Oyster Mushroom is also available in brown and yellow color. The Oyster Mushroom is able to produce 10 – 15 kg a day.

Apple Chips
The other special food of Batu is Apple chips that made of Apple fruit. This snack has known by many tourists who had visit Batu city. It is very delicious snack which suitable for souvenirs.
Beside Apple as the main material, Batu city also present another chips that made of potatoes, nangka, banana, cassava, tempe, etc.
Those chips are the main product of Batu.

Apple Beverage
The other Apple metamorphosis is Apple beverage. There are many home industries in Batu that produce this Apple beverage, one of beverage product with Apple taste. They able to produce 70 boxes, 1 box consist of 24 bottles, in a day.
This product has health certificate from Health Department of Batu Government. Try to buy Apple beverage from Batu city and tasted its original and fresh taste of Apple. For the retailers or distributors who want to sell this product are welcomed.

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The Chilling Batu

Batu Batu city is located in 800 meters above sea level, with cold temperature between 17-25,6 degree Celsius. Batu city is an area in East Java that surrounded by mountains. Geographically, Batu is a mountainous area. The potencies of this area are coming from the agro tourism properties, which is fruits, vegetables, mountain panorama and the hills. When the visitors visit to Batu city, the fresh mountain air will welcoming us. There are some tourism destination that most visitors visit regularly, they are; Jatim Park, Selecta, Songgoriti, Agro tourism, Coban…

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