KH.Moch Cholil Grave

Moh. Cholil grave is located in Martajasah village, Bangkalan district. The grave of great moslem in Wali Songo era is located 2 km from the downtown and adjacent with Sambilangan beach. The Kh. Moh. Cholil grave has visited by many pilgrimages from various regions.

KH. Moh. Cholil has known as Waliullah and as the teacher of big saint in the nation, as the idea concept or forming of ‘Nahdatul Ulama’, through his two pupils, they are; KH. Hasyim Asyari (late), the grandfather of the fourth President of Indonesia namely KH. Abdurahman Wahid, and Kh. As'ad Syamsul Arifin (late), the founder of ‘Pondok Asem Bagus'.

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