Wonogiri Regency


Wonogiri is one of regencies in Central Java province, with the capital of the same city. Administratively, Wonogiri is located in Southeast of Central Java province. It is bounded with Karanganyar regency and Sukoharjo regency in north, in south is bounded with South shore beach, Wonosari in Jogjakarta province in west, in east is directly bounded with East Java, which is Ponorogo regency and Pacitan regency.

Most of Wonogiri’s area is rocky and hilly due to its location on the Sewu highlands. Since these highlands are of the karst type, many caves can easily be found in Wonogiri Regency and at least 41 caves have been discovered so far starting with the famous Song Gilap cave, Song Putri cave at Pracimantoro, Ngantap cave, Putri Kencana cave at Giritontro and including many unnamed caves all over the regency.

In general, Wonogiri region is divided into 2 groups. Southern region that stretches from the border of Pacitan (East Java Province) to the border of Gunung Kidul (Yogyakarta province) is a region that rich with limestone mountains. In this area there is not much to do but farm (crops) with dependence on rainfall.

In other area, it has characteristics that are relatively supportive. The rainfall is sufficient, with optimum irrigation support, capable of supporting the agricultural that is more promising. Expanse of rice fields are often found in this area.

In general, the entire region of Wonogiri is still able to provide the abundant agricultural and plantation, like, Cassava (Manihot), chocolate (cacao), cashews, melinjo and vegetables.

In industry, Wonogiri have several companies that developed. Deltomed Laboratories and Air Mancur is become advanced examples of herbal medicine company, which is producing herbal products in modern packaging, this company is one of industries that can compete at the national level.

Relating in tourism destination, there are some interesting places in Wonogiri like :

# Waduk Gajahmungkur
# Sembukan beach at Paranggupito district
# Nampu beach at Paranggupito district
# Kahyangan waterfall at Tirtomoyo district
# Kethu forest at Wonogiri district
# Putri Kencana cave at Pracimantoro district
# Setren waterfall at Slogohimo district
# Paragliding (Indonesian: Gantole) sport nearby Gajahmungkur dam
# Off-roading nearby Gajahmungkur dam
# Plinteng Semar Miracle Stone at Wonogiri district
# Gunung Kembar Gandul a small mountain at Wonogiri district
# Gunung Pegat Small Mountain at Ngadiroyo,Nguntoronadi district
# Gunung Kencur Small Mountain at Ngadiroyo,Nguntoronadi district


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