Welcome To Manokwari


Manokwari is one of cities and regencies in province of West Papua, which is located at the western end of New Guinea. It is one of the seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manokwari–Sorong. It is also the administrative seat of Manokwari Regency. It has a metropolitian area that has a population of 155000. The metro area includes Manokwari, Andai, Nuni, Amban, Insjoerifoeri, Maboi, Bakopti, Maikee, and Toebisjimila.

The city of Manokwari becomes the capital of West New Guinea since Dutch colonization. Located at the northern part of the Irian mainland, Manokwari lays on the beautiful surrounding gorges, the main interest around Manokwari includes Gunung Meja Park, from where you can view the scenery of Manokwari town, Amban beach, Anggi Lake and Arfak Reserve.


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