The Sleeping Budha, Well-Known As Budha Tidur From Mojokerto

The Sleeping Budha Statue or “Budha Tidur” is the most coveted by tourist. Precisely located in Maha Vihara Mojopahit, Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java. This statue describes Buddha attained nirvana. In Indonesia there are also three statues of Buddha which is located in the 3 different cities, besides in Malang and Semarang.

Many of traveler said, Buddha was in a peaceful sleep. It is true, Buddha in a sleeping position describes about Buddha who has achieved the highest level of nirvana. It was also seen from the position where the Buddha’s right hand was shore up his head.

No one thought that Indonesia has one of the biggest sleeping  Budha statue in Asia. And the statue is located at Mojokerto. This statue is the third largest after Thailand and nepal. The length of of 22 meters, 6 meters wide and 4.5 meters high!

The statue that was built in 2001 is gold coloured and facing to the south, the greatness of Buddhism. The statue was not the only one attraction for the tourist in Maha Vihara Mojopahit. The tourist also can see the miniature of Borobudur temple in this area.

In addition on the back wall of the main building, there are several reliefs that tell about Buddha who is practicing Buddhist. You can also find statues of the characters in the story of Buddhism, such as The King of Monkey.

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