The Legendary Gladak Perak Bridge in Lumajang

Gladak Perak
After 1925, the Dutch Indies Government saw the need to build a bridge to connect the Road passing East and Southeast of Semeru Mountain. Even though it is very difficult to build this bridge, it is still carried out with simple equipment, so that it takes a lot of workers victims who fall into the abyss. After the bridge was built, it was painted silver. Since then this bridge is known as the Silver Deck (Gladak Perak). During the war of independence in 1947. The silver deck on the earth was scorched (blown up with dynamite) by Zeni Pioner. Until the bridge body is broken. The bridge detonation is intended to stop the pursuit of Dutch troops in Pronijowo. After the War of Independence, the bridge was rebuilt in 1951-1952. Gladak Perak position is in Pronojiwo district.

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