The Blue Bright Pangandaran – West Java


Pangandaran is one of West Java’s destinations that most visited by both local and international tourists. It lies in west Java southern peninsula along 91 Km from Ciamis. Pengandaran offers the exotic of black and white sandy beach, with unforgettable sunset.

This tourism object is facing to Hindia Ocean, and it takes 223 Km from bandung or 400 Km from Jakarta, which is located in the middle of Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Pangandaran was popular by fisherman small town, where there are fisherman start the day and back from their sailing at the same place by bringing some fresh fishes. The activity of pulling the net fish can still be seen today and it becomes the one of attractions.

Instead of enjoying the scenery, we can also enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Especially on Penanjung beach, where it has quite waves and it safes for swimming. Around the beach, there is hills that becomes a conservatives forest, and here live monkeys, deer, buffalo and other exotic animals. There are also natural caves, which was the heritage of Japanese troops during WW II as a safety bunker.

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