The Beauty Karang Bolong Beach Kebumen

Besides being famous for its large waves, the south sea coast is also popular with its beautiful coastline. Well, one of them you can prove is Karang Bolong Beach, Kebumen, Central Java.

Karang Bolong beach is famous even to foreign countries because of the beauty of coral hills. In addition, visitors can also travel comfortably because there are many coconut trees here which add a fresh impression.

Discussing Karang Bolong Beach is certainly not enough if it does not discuss the swallow bird houses found in the cave, namely Gua Pasir, Karangduwur, and Karang Bolong. Within a year, swallow farmers usually harvest 4 times.

Uniquely, they will conduct a special ceremony to ask for safety before harvesting this swallow saliva. No wonder, because the terrain is indeed quite dangerous.

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