Rubiah Island?

Rubiah Island

Rubiah island is part of Sabang city, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and located in southwest of Weh Island.

Rubiah Island can be reached from the beach of Iboih, by boarding the ship which is usually already provided or rented by local residents. It can be used speedboats, or ships that equipped with a glass to see the beauty of the sea around the island of Rubiah. Boat rental price is about Rp. 250.000-300.000 until they return to the mainland in Iboih.

History said that, this small island formerly was the residence for the pilgrims who will go to Mecca. But this time, Rubiah Island serve as a tourist destination object, which is marine protected areas or Rubiah Marine Park (Sea Garden Of Rubiah) which covers about 2600 hectares

Rubiah is an empty, uninhabited island. But this island is very suitable to be a relaxing island gathering the qualified time of vacation. There are coconut trees and white sandy beach ready welcoming you by its exotic charms.

There are numbers of tropical fish, coral reefs, giant clams, corals which damaged by the tsunami, as well as an artificial reef planted around the waters in Rubiah. Even sharks that usually appears during the first month or second at every year.

Rubiah island is like Bunaken or Nusa penida, it rich with everything in sea garden and the home for those who like diving or snorkeling, and of course, the home for who brokenhearted.

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