Pulau Iyu Kecil, The Small Pretty Island

Pulau Iyu Kecil

Small Iyu Island or Shark island, is one of outer islands in Indonesia and it located in the Strait of Malacca, part of Karimun regency, Riau Islands province. Not far from the island’s northernmost Karimun district, there is Tukong Hiu island (Tokong) where there is lighthouse that still being operated. Both islands are not inhabited and guarded only by some Navy staff to maintain / oversee the ships that pass in the region.

The island which is approximately 1 hour drive by pompong boat from the port of Tanjung Balai Karimun has beautiful landscape, and in the near future will be the next tourism destination in Karimun. The physical condition of the island is mountainous and rocky, it has 0.5 ± acre area; the vegetation that grows in this island are coconut, pandanus, ketapang, and hibiscus. The fish resources that found in waters around the island are consists of fish Kurau, Grouper, Manyung, trevally, mackerel and snapper. There is also a lighthouse for about 18 m high to supervise the ship that entrance to the island.


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