Marongan Island – Rembang

Marongan Island

Marongan is an island in Java Sea waters, in the north side of Rembang regency, Central Java. This island is covered for 6 ha and it uninhabited. This island is the home of numbers of bugs and birds, and it has beautiful scenery and mangroves. Moreover, it has a variety of crops that grown in the sea, with very fresh air around the island.

To reach Marongan island, it can be starts from Rembang, which 4 km far away, by using fisherman boat for 1 hour drive. It can also be starts from Purworejo village, which will be 30 minutes shorter to the island. At certain months, during low tide, we can even walk to the island from Wonorejo beach or Tasikharjo.

When we see this island from Kartini Beach in Rembang, Marongan island is seen as a jade ring with pearl. This is because there is green hue over the island with white sparkling sandy beach at the edge. During sunset, this island is looks like a blooming mushroom. Most of the area at this island are dominated by reddish hue that influenced by the sunlight.

For those who like to go fishing, this island is a perfect one to catch any fishes like sniper and grouper. Moreover, this island is mostly visited for camping, meditating, fishing, seeing sunset and being a transit place for fisherman who had bad weather.

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