Magelang, Where The Borobudur Lays

Tahu Kupat - Magelang, Central Java
Tahu Kupat - Magelang, Central Java


Magelang is one of significant city in Central Java. People sometimes get misunderstanding about this place of Borobudur, they usualy acknowledge that Borobudur is settled on Jogjakarta, otherwise it is on Magelang.

Magelang is located on strategic area between Semarang-Jogjakarta, which is 75 km to the South of Semarang and 43 km to the North Jogjakarta.

Dates back to the past, it was known that Magelang was build on April 11 907 Century. The early history told that Magelang was a village named “Mantyasih“ which is now being called as Meteseh Village. Mantyasih itself has a meaning as Faithfulness and Kindness. The history of Magelang is belief that based on three ancient inscriptions which was, inscription Poh, Gilikan and Mantyasih, all of which are written on a plate of copper.

Inscription of Poh and Mantyasih was written by Mataram Hindu under the rule of King Rake Watukura Dyah Balitung (898-910). In those inscription, both was mention about Mantyasih Village and Glanggang Village. After all, Mantyasih in now become Meteseh and Glanggang is now become Magelang.

After the British government was conquered by the Dutch, Magelang was getting stronger. the Dutch government made this city as economic center. While Magelang lies in strategic area and having fresh environment, The Dutch government made this city as Military base. The Dutch government also gave their contributions on infrastructure like, the built of water tower in the middle of the city in 1918, the electric company began operating in 1927 and the roads was paved and hardened.

Although Magelang is such a small city, there are a huge potential things that can be found inside. One of those are their culinary, there are various traditional foods with Javanese taste in here, like Tahu Kupat Magelang. Tahu is tofu, while Kupat is kind of Lontong or steamed rice complete with peanut sauce.

While looking from the tourism destination, Magelang has some destination include of Temples, Museum, Parks, Recreational places Mountain.

Magelang, small city with thousand blasts.

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