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Lembata is one of regencies in East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Lembata area was civilized since 1965 and recognized as Lomblen Island during Dutch East Indies era. The name of Lembata was taken from the indigenous people of Lepanbatan. Hence, on July 1, 1967 the Lomblen Island was changed into Lembata.

Lembata island is known throughout the world as the home of traditional whaling but what is not known is that the people of this Island are very rich in its cultural tradition. Here, Sperm Whales have been hunted for centuries using all hand made equipment, their spears, rope and boats are all made in the village. The boats are without motors and the harpooner must jump from the boat to implant his harpoon in to the whale to ensure the success. All parts of the whale are either consumed or traded with other Islanders for corn or other food.

One of Lembata products is coming from the beautiful rich of Ikat weaving, which is entirely made from home grown cotton, spun and dyed by the traditional weaver. These cloths are still important as they are exchanged during marriage for Ivory tusks between the two families.

Looking from the tourism sector, the scenery throughout Lembata Island is breathtaking, from the ever imposing “Ile Ape” volcano to the palm fringed bays. Even the colorful bustling of local markets, the beauty and excitement is everywhere.

Lembata is such a magic island that can unite the existence of culture and nature. Between the strong culture among the society will make any good result is its tourism. For instance from the whale catch or the Ikat weaving. Moreover, Lembata society is must be so proud by their ocean. The people of Lembata is being famous as good sailor and have many things from it, whether from the beauty and the products.

Furthermore, there are so many beautiful beaches in Lembata that worth to be visited. One of those are Waijarang and Edam beach. In these beaches, the visitors can enjoy the sceneries from the bottom of the sea. Another hot destination is coming from Sabu Tobo hot spring. Around the hot spring there is tropical forest that will pamper the visitors by its green seductive nuance.

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