Gede Island

Gede Island

Gede island is a small island in Java Sea Waters in the north of Rembang regency. This uninhabited island is located for about 2 miles to the east of Marongan island, and it only 5 km far away from Rembang shoreline.

This Gede island is enchanting; there is mangroves and perrenials that grow wildly in the middle of the ocean, very fresh air and non pollutant atmosphere. During the sunny day, we can see Muria mountain at west side and Lasem mountain at east side from this island. This island is been visited mostly by those who like to go fishing, camping or just having fun in the island.

iT Called Gede Island because if we look from the beach, this island is bigger than the island next to it, that is Marongan Island. The wide of this island is about 8 Ha. We can walk by foot to this island by crossing a shallow sea (in certain period of months) from Pasir Putih Beach. Nevertheless, it is advised to use little boat (perahu tempel) for transporting either from Pasir Putih Beach or from Tanjung Agung harbour.

This island is surrounded with vitriolic coral reef, so it also advised to use sandals that could not emerged by the coral when you get off from the boat. This island has a beautiful sea panorama and a clean water, so you can see the fish in it.

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