Karang Gosong Island, The Other Magnificent Island On Karimunjawa

Karang Gosong Island

Karang Gosong island is a small island that located in Java Sea waters, administratively located in Lasem sub-district, Rembang regency. This island is only 4 km from Bonang village shoreline.

It being called as Karang Gosong or burn coral, because it has different color and texture which indicate a blackish and concave shape in the middle of the island. During the receding, the visitors can landing and taking a rest in the middle of the coral.

This island has captivating panoramic view of the sea. There are thousands of Reef fishes can be clearly seen from the boat, because it only has 2 M a depth. Not only seeing an ornamental fish and live coral, the visitors can also enjoy the activity of looking for seaweed and sea shells.

For those who are familiar with Karimunjawa island, this Karang Gosong island is also near to Karimunjawa, which is precisely next to the east of it. Karang Gosong is a small island with only 5×8 M and it has very clean white sandy beach and there are no trees or other plants live there.

To reach Karang Gosong, we can start from Jepara, Central Java. There are official transportation to go to this island, but we can rent a fisherman boat for about Rp. 750.000 for 10 people. For those who are sleep over in Karimunjawa, just visit Karang Gosong before sunrise, for it has receding time and the beauty of sunrise will enchanting you. There will be beam of yellow light that cover the sky and it magnificent.


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