Visiting Ayau Island in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

Lots of islands are available in Raja Ampat Regency, so travelers can explore them all. One of them is called Ayau Archipelago and it is located in the north of Waigeo Island. Actually, it is a district and has several villages like Runi, Boiseran, Dorekhar, Yenkanfan, and Yenkawir. Due to the presence of many settlements, tourists can enjoy distinct cultures and ways of living. Apart from the local culture, the island is also famous for its nature beauty. That means Ayau is worth for sightseeing, as well.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Ayau is considered flawless. Thanks to its stunning sea and lush plants. Actually, Ayau consists of some small islands. All of them feature unspoiled nature and refreshing atmosphere. The only problem is the accessibility. It is because of the limited amount of the shorelines. Next important feature is the seawater, which is shallow and warm. Still, most part of the sea is quite deep. In this case, tourists should learn the options of diving spots prior to getting in the water.

Exploring Ayau Island
The most common tourist activity in Ayau Island is playing in the water. Some beaches are approachable, so visitors can explore it easily. The warm and comfortable seawater is suitable for beginners. Not to mention the visibility is good. A formation of corals is quite majestic and beautiful. It is even possible to capture some pictures underwater, as long as tourists use the right gears. When it comes to facilities, no instructors are available in Ayau. That means tourists should have hired one in Sorong or Waisai City.

Once travelers enjoy fun activities in the beaches, it is time to explore the land. Ayau Island has several schools and other structures. That means many kids are often seen there. They are friendly and funny, so tourists can interact with them comfortably. Some of them even help visitors to get around the villages. Even though they can’t speak English, they are able to use gestures well. For those who look for a tour guide, these kids can be a good alternative.

In a nutshell, Ayau Island is suitable for water sports and culture exploration. For those who love diving and snorkeling, it is better to carry and wear proper gear. Also, don’t forget to eat some foods prior to performing such activities. The purpose is to avoid belly cramps and other problems during underwater exploration. When it comes to accommodations, travelers should have rented a hotel room in Waigeo Island. It is because Ayau doesn’t provide reliable facilities to visitors.

Nearby Attractions

  • Waigeo Island
  • Waisai City
  • Waisai Beach

How to Get There
Ayau Island is located in the north of Waiego. From Jakarta, travelers need to reach Waisai City first and the destination is Marinda Airport. From there, it is time to reach Waisai Port and take a speedboat to Ayau Island. This trip takes about 10-14 hours! It is indeed tiring, so any visitors should have prepared some snacks and bottled water. Here is another aspect. Weather also has a significant effect on the length of the trip. That means travelers should choose the right time to visit Ayau.

Where to Stay
Available hotels are on Waigeo Island

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