Pegunungan Arfak

Arfak Mountains Regency (Kabupaten Pegunungan Arfak) is a regency of the West Papua Province of Indonesia. In the Arfak Mountain, there are many natural tourist objects ranging from lakes, bird watching spots, to cultural tourism. Arfak Mountains Regency itself has not been visited by many tourists. Nature is still virgin, customs and culture that are still thick become the main attraction for tourists.

Geographically, Arfak Mountains Regency is in the highlands, so it has cold temperatures. The highest plateau in the Arfak Mountains is about 2,900 meters above sea level. In Anggi District, for example, in the morning it can reach five degrees Celsius. Sometimes fog also descends in the Arfak Mountains area. The regency is only 90 kilometers from Manokwari, the capital of West Papua.

The Arfak Mountains have various tourist destinations, from natural to cultural attractions, those are interesting to visit. There are butterfly and bird observations in Mokwam District, Anggi Giji Lake, Anggi Gida, and various other tourist destinations. There is also a White Sand tourist spot in Lake Anggi Gida. The Arfak Mountains also have parayalang tourism spot.

This regency has two lakes: Lake Anggi Giji and Lake Anggi Gida. The two lakes are tourism spots in the Arfak Mountains. Anggi Giji Lake is located in Anggi District and commonly known as the men's lake. Meanwhile, Lake Anggi Gida is located in Anggi Gida District and commonly called the women's lake. The location of the two lakes is next to each other and is only separated by hills. The two lakes have beautiful panoramas.

In the Arfak Mountains there are various vegetables and fruits that can be developed. The fruits are pineapple, strawberry, passion fruit, avocado can grow even in the wild. As for vegetables, there is a wide variety to grow. There are potatoes, lettuce, leeks, cabbage, carrots, chayote, beans, spinach, mustard greens, and others.

The Arfak Mountains even keep the charm not only when tourists have arrived at their destination, but since the trip. Therefore, tourism in the Arfak Mountains is more suitable to be developed into special interest tourism. The existence of guesthouse for tourists can be counted on the fingers. Therefore, in order to get a more perfect sense of remoteness, tourists can try staying at a millipede house and mingling with friendly local people.

In general, access to the Arfak Mountains is indeed quite difficult because the terrain is up and down the mountain with bumpy and potholed road contours. However, this situation is actually suitable for adventurous tourists. Transportation to the Arfak Mountains is limited. Some of the vehicles that can cross the Arfak Mountains route are usually dominated by four wheels vehicles. Other vehicles such as certain motorbikes can also penetrate the Arfak Mountains route. However, it must have been modified with trail tires.

For those of you who really like traveling, the Arfak Mountains in Papua can be an option to spend a long vacation. It is certain that when visiting this tour, you will find excitement and will not forget the moment.

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