Kaimana is an area in Papua that is so famous for its exotic twilight. Even twilight in Kaimana, a song by 1960s-era singer Alfian was made with the title 'Senja di Kaimana'. Kaimana is a coastal city in West Papua Province. Precisely on the neck of Papua Island. Kaimana is dominated by areas bordering the sea, directly opposite the Arafuru Sea. Dusk in Kaimana is so exotic because of its location which leads directly to the west, where the sun sets. One of the spots to enjoy the sunset in Kaimana city is Senja City Park which overlooks the Arafuru sea. However, Kaimana also still has a number of other tourist destinations that are so interesting to visit.

Kaimana Regency in West Papua not only has natural beauty, but also has a strong history and culture. Kaimana people still respect the king and adhere to customs.

Its strategic position in the southern part of Papua Province and directly facing the Arafuru Sea is very profitable from the fisheries and marine sectors, especially capture fisheries. The marine fishery potential of this area is quite high. Types of marine wealth include tuna, skipjack, mackerel, anchovies, sea cucumbers, tiger prawns, pearl clams, turtles, sharks, oysters, and all types of reef fish. The waters in Kaimana also hold the potential for marine aquaculture. Mangrove forest is very suitable to be used as an area for shrimp farming or other commercial marine fish.

Kaimana is rich in natural resources. Plantation activities include oil palm, coconut and cocoa. Meanwhile, Teluk Etna District is famous for its rich forests. There are various types of wood with high economic value in this area, such as nutmeg forest, gaharu wood, masohi wood, cinnamomum culilawan, and binuang.

Kaimana Regency has excellent tourism potential in white sandy beaches, bays, lakes, coral reefs and a beautiful sunset panorama. The panorama of twilight is one of the leading tourism in Kaimana Regency. Venue Island, is one of the small islands to the south of the Buruway District with only about 15ha area. This island has white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs. As the name implies, this is a nesting niche for leatherback turtles and several endemic and migratory animals. The white sand beach is the nesting place for leatherback turtles and Maleo birds, and Triton Bay is a suitable place for diving.

The topography of the Papua region is filled with dense forests, mountains and valleys, making it impossible to open land roads quickly. Likewise in Kaimana, the topography is bays and therefore relies more on water transportation as a means of transportation between sub-districts. It is not surprising that in every sub-district in Kaimana there is a pier even though it is simple and made of wood. In Buruway sub-district there is a road, limited to the sub-district capital and on Adi Island, while the sub-district exit road is not yet available. In Kaimana District, there is a seaport that can accommodate ships measuring 5,000 DWT (dead weight ton). Apart from being stopped by passenger ships, such as KM Bukit Siguntang and KM Tatamailau, PT Pelni ships that sailed the South Coast of Papua were also stopped. Besides by sea, Kaimana relies on air transportation. Utarum Kaimana Airport can accommodate Boeing aircraft. So far, the Kaimana people have been served by Merpati airlines and Trigana MG which have opened pioneering flight routes to Kaimana.

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