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Semarang City Tour Package 3 Days/2 Nights

museum-kereta-api-ambarawaDay 01 Funny Tour
Morning arrival at Semarang, After clearance at immigration, meet and greet with our Guide, and then follow the one day tour, first visiting the Ambarawa Steam Locomotive Museum, singgle old technologi museum which used as a means of transportation since before independence of Indonesia up to 1964. When you have finished enjoying the old train tour, proceed to the temple which is where it landed Sampokong Admiral Cheng Hoo, his fleet in the firsh time at 1406 AD, but at before we enjoy lunch. After picture taken in countries like China, we went straight to hotel to eat tonight and free program.

Day 2 Old City Tour (B)
Breakfast at Hotel, go to the Semarang Old City Area, this area about 31 hectares. From the condition of geography, it seems that the area is separated from the surrounding area, so that seems like a separate city, earning it the nickname “Litthe Netherland”. Semarang old city area is a silent witness to the history of Indonesia during the Dutch Colonial more than 2 centuries, and its location adjacent to the area economy. In this place there are about 50 ancient buildings that stand sturdy and has a history of colonialism in Semarang. After the Old City and lunch we headed to Central Java Grand Mosque. Next proceed to Thousand Doors (Lawang sewu), Tugu Muda (Monument a candle-shape monument commemorating Semarang’s five days battle againt the Japanese military in October 1945. After the Old City and lunch we headed menikimati Central Java Grand Mosque and tour ends at Pandanaran Steet which is a center by by Local food of Central Java such as wingko babat, lumpia, bandeng presto etc.

Day 3 Culture and Religion Tour (B)
After breakfast, morning exercise around the Bandungan Area Tourism and Gedong Songo Temple complex, this temple constructed during the 9th century Syilendra Dynasty, the temples were discovered in 1804 by Sir Stamford Raffles and are considered excellent examples of the Early Classic style of Javenese Architecture.

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