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Marine Tourism, Togean Island Tour Package 6 Days/5 Nights

Togean-island-central-sulawesiTogean islands is a tourist destination abroad destinations. Togean Tomini located in the center of Sulawesi, has about 200 an island and the active volcano, has many beautiful parks and a marine who was still awake with varied coral reefs and hundreds of species of fish, as well as white sand beach beach ber which smooth, water- clear, which deserted islands and islands exotis. Togean be a suitable one for your vacation, Relax and forget the noise of the city.

Day 01:  Gorontalo – Togean islands – Malenge
Morning cross by speedboat from the port of Gorontalo to the Togean islands , the trip takes about 5 hours. Arriving at Togean islands, checked in the resort on the island Malenge , lunch, rilex Malenge shore, Malenge is distinguished deserted tropical island with white sand beaches and palm tree, Afternon we heading to Tomini park for snorkling tour, there are hundreds of species of fish and colorful coral reefs and varied, afternoon return to the resort, the program sunset on the beach, dinner, free program

Day 02: Malenge Island
Atmosphere morning on the island, the sound of birds, air that is fresh and peaceful, breakfast, around 09:00 departed island hoping trip, from island to island, to the hotel california marine park for snorkling, see the beauty of marine life and coral reefs unique, finished snorkling, then headed to the island board, village Bajo people of the sea, there is a bridge which is made of boards with a length of about 1 kilometer, you can see the activity of this tribe, then to the waleakodi island, lunch on the beach deserted waleakodi island, rilex on the beach, afternoon return to the resort, sunset programs, dinners, bonfires, free program.

Day 03: Una-una island (volcano).
Breakfast, then check out the island una una Malenge to the island to see the volcano and snorkling, there are a lot of fish on the island. It will spend trip about 2 hours. 10:00 check in at the resort island una una, Relax, you can also snorkling at the beach, there are plenty of large fish, after lunch, 13:00 headed for the woods, saw the smoke from the volcano crater, 15:00 back to resort, snorkling on the beach, sunset program, dinner, free program.

Day 04: Kadidiri island
After breakfast, check out the una una island, headed Kadidiri Island, the trip takes about 1.5 hours, arrive on the island Kadidir, check-in resort, Relax, lunch, towards jellyfish lake for snorkling, in the lake, there are thousands of jellyfish that colorful, harmless, you could hold a unique, indeed, afterwards heading mangrove forests of old, then headed to the beach karina, relaxing and relax on the beach karina, this beach deserted white sand which smooth and water-clear, you can perform activities swimming and snorkling at this beach, afternoon return to the resort, sunset program, dinner, free program

Day 05: Kadidiri Island
Have a breakfast, Then heading to Taipi sea park wall, the model is shaped reef sea cliffs, finished snorkling Taipi towards the island, the island is not pro occupants, relaxing on the beach of Taipi island, around 12:00 back to the resort, lunch, Relax on the Kadidiri island, free program. Sunset at Kadidiri, dinner, campfire.

Day 06:  Gorontalo – Kadidiri
Check out from Kadidiri Island, set off back to Gorontalo by speedboat, the trip is taken for about 5 hours, arriving in the city of Gorontalo. End of tour.

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