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Marine Tourism, Togean Island Long Trip 8 Days/7 Nights

Pulau-Kadidiri-Sulawesi-TengahItenerary :

Day 01: Gorontalo
We will pick you up from airport to transit hotel on Gorontalo, go to Whale shark marine park of Gorontalo, watching and snorkling with the whale shark, then we go to harbour, croos to togian islands with ferry boat at night, over night on ferry boat. There is 12 pieces of whle shark in the park, 10 meter the size of adult and the baby of whale shark is 6 meter, the goverment give the food everyday the whale shark, he stay on the park everyday.

Day 02: Togean islands – Malenge
Arrive in togean islands harbour, pick up to malenge island, check in resort, breakfast, relax on the sandy white beach or swiming,lunch,after lunch,go snorkling to tomini marine park, beautifull marine park, good coral and many varioust fish species, back to resort, wacthing sunset, relax on the resort, dinner, free program.

Day 03: Togean islands – Malenge
Morning enjoy the various bird sound, have a breakfast, afterwards go to Bajo gipsy sea village,walking on the long bridge and seeghtsing local culture on gipsy sea village, after, go snorkling to hotel california marine park, beautifull marine park, varioust species of fish and varioust coral, finding sulawesi monkey on malenge jungle, back to resort, sunset program, dinner, born fire, Aniversarry of new year, on the beach until sunrise.

Day 04: Togean islands – Una una volcano
Breakfast, go trip to una una volcano (gunung colo), watching the volcano smoke, is the active volcano, the last explosive on 1983, there are so many hot spring there and the quite jungle, after volcano, snorkling trip on coral reef on una una islands, lunch on the beach, back to resort, relax and waiting for the dinner, free program.

Day 05: Togean islands – Kadidiri
Breakfast, pick up to Kadidiri island, check in resort in Kadidiri island, relax on sandy white beach or swimming, lunch, after lunch, go snorkling to Kadidiri reef, relax, sunset program on the beach, dinner, free program.

Day 06: Togean islands – Kadidiri

Morning call,  bird sound, breakfast, go trip to manggrove park, snorkling on jelly fish lake, after go to karina beach, (beautifull sandy white beach), relax on the beach and snorkling to coral reef on karina beach, back to resort, sunset program on Kadidiri beach, dinner, free program.

Day 07: Togean islands – Kadidiri
Morning call, enjoy the bird sound, breakfast, go treking to kadidiri jungle (rainforest), after go to baracuda beach relax and snorkling, back to resort on kadidiri island, lunch, after lunch, check out, pick up to Togean islands harbour, board to Gorontalo sunset on ferry boat, dinner, rest.

Day 08: Gorontalo
Early morning arrive in gorontalo city, coffe break and breakfast, pick up transport to airport, on the way the participant pass on the volcano hotspring on gorontalo lake (limboto lake), after, continue to airport, arrive on the airport, end of tour.

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