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Tuban is located on the north coast of Java, about 110 km east of Surabaya, and borders Lamongan and Bojonegoro regencies, and to the west, Rembang, Central Java.Tuban regency which located in Java North coastal area, is an old city (Legendary) that about 100 Km from Surabaya to the west. Tuban also known as the "thousand cave city" because there are many caves in the area.

Four hundred years ago; however, it was one of the island's principal seaports, being active in the spice trade and supporting a large population of foreign merchants. There are many Tuban's principal attractions which are connected with its historical past, especially during the period of the decline of the Hindu Kingdom of Majapahit and the beginning of the Islamic period.

One of the members of the Wali Songo, Sunan Bonang, is buried just behind the elegant Jami'q Mosque, and his tomb is a popular place of pilgrimage. Lying further west, along the beach, and not far from the town centre, there is Klenteng Kwan Sing Bio, East Java's largest Chinese temple.

Tuban is also a traditional centre for the production of batik textiles, for which Java is of course world famous. Tuban batik displays its own unique style. Simple methods are preferred, and the art has remained on the home industry level. The main centre of batik production is at Kerek, a few kilometres south west of Tuban.

As the legendary city, Tuban Regency have history value of multifarious natural beauty, covered the teak forest that was hundreds years old, hot spring natural source and cold, the beautiful North coast with hundreds of traditional fisherman who looked for fishes and also found many caves with stalagmite decoration and the beautiful stalactite sparkled. Definitely, it is very fascinating for tourists to visit it.

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