Ketupat Tradition

Ketupat tradition celebration in Durenan district is begin of habitually action of a scholar who lived in XIX century. At that time, after 'Sholat Ied', as generally tradition, Durenan society have shake hands each other. Then after 1 Syawal (one of Islam month), they have six days fasting that not required, which is dated on 2 until 7 Syawal. After having fasting, in the seventh day, they held Ketupat tradition or often called "Bada Ketupat or Kupatan".

At that celebration, the scholars came to Trenggalek to met the Regent who always called "Ndoro Kanjeng". At that time, Ndoro Kanjeng had habitual open house in seventh Ied celebration. As souvenir from Durenan, the guests present Ketupat (special food in Ied Day) to Ndoro Kanjeng. This tradition sustainable till now day and from years to years. All guests, both know each other or not, still keep this tradition and shake their hands each other.

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