About Trenggalek Regency

Trenggalek is situated on the South-West of Surabaya, the Capital city of East Java Province, and bordered by Tulungagung in the East, Indonesian Ocean in the South, Pacitan and Ponorogo in the West, Ponorogo and Tulungagung Regencies in the North. Trenggalek has been known as one of the regencies in East Java Province since the Dutch Goverment. This regency is divided into 14 districts consisting of 157 villages (152 villages and 5 subdistricts).

Trenggalek covers 126.140 Ha, a part of it, is mountainous and the rest is lowland. And tourism places which is very exciting as the other objects.
Trenggalek lies between 7• 53' and 8• 34' South Latitude and 111• 24' and 112• and 11' east Longitude. Trenggalek regencies is enriched with various potential natural resources such as: maining material (marble, limestons, meteorit, orcher, piropillit, feldspar, caolin, trass, sandstons, etc). Agriculture product (rice, corn soja), plantation products (coffee, colve, cacao, coconut mangosteen, zalacca and durian), forest products (such as terpentine as row material for gondorukem / gum) and tourism places which so exciting as the other objects.

Trenggalek is located in the south coast area of East Java, between 111 24' and 112 11' east longitude and between 7 53' and 8 34' South latitude. It is bordered by:
North side: Tulungagung regency
West side: Ponorogo regency
South side: Indonesian Ocean

Two the third of its area consist of mountainous land area and the rest is the basin area.
The total width of this region is 126.140 Ha in which 48 % is the forest area and the rest consists of farm land, dry land, housing area etc. There are 4 assistants to regent/ district, 13 subdistricts, 157 villages, 509 small villages and 4,107 small district society.
In 1993 the number of the population was 639.000 persons, by the population density of 506/km2 and its population numberwas increase 0.53 %.

History Of Trenggalek

In following the man life experience in Trenggalek, which is related in the rotation of history of Trenggalek regency, hence the simple history of Trenggalek regency has found. From the result of a research, scanning, processing and compilation of Trenggalek regency it can be concluded that:

  1. Trenggalek has dwelt by ancient man as the ancestors since pre-history era.
  2. Prehistoric era is terminated in 851 caka or 929 AD by the founding of Kampak inscription that birth Perdikan Kampak, as Simaparasima gift from King PU Sindok Isyana Tunggadewa for Trenggalek public.
  3. Perdikan Kampak had followed by Perdikan Kamulan, which bearing on 31 Augusts 1194, thereby formal, Trenggalek regency is born on 31 Augusts 1194 in Wednesday / Rabu Kliwon.
  4. Geographically, Trenggalek has some idiosyncrasies, which do not be owned by other area, so that it formed different history incision that also different with other area. As a result, this area is common becomes "terugval bases". In consequence, it is very accurate if this area called "TRNG GALE" which then because the change of linguistic symptom, becomes "TRENGGALEK".
Then, Trenggalek vision is to more develop and never give up. This point is described in Trenggalek symbol: "JWALITA PRAJA KARANA".

Latest News

Penehan Island – Trenggalek

Panehan Island Penehan island is one of the outer islands in Indonesia that located in Hindia Ocean and has bordered with Autralia. This island is administratively part of Trenggalek regency, East Java. This island is located in the south side of Panggul, Trenggalek. To reach this island is first have to start from Trenggalek City to PPn Prigi in Prigi Village, Watulimo subdistrict for about 2,5 hours drive by public transportation. From PPn Prigi it continues to Sekel island by fisherman boat and then to Penehan island. www.indonesia-tourism.com

Trenggalek Marble

Trenggalek Marble Trenggalek has many kinds of mineral product, one of the products is marble, especially black marble which has its high quality like Italian kind. The youth organization of Nglembeng village, Panggul district make kinds of souvenirs such as pots, statues, amulet from this black marble, and so for the grave stone of the first President of Indonesia, Bung Karno is also made of Trenggalek marble. More detail visit www.eastjava.com

Nasi Pindang Trenggalek

Nasi Pindang Nasi pindang trenggalek is delicious rice with fillets of beef and sweet coconut sauce, thik and brownie sauce. Nasi pindang has particular in So leaf or melinjo leaf, which make the taste is good and delicious. Nasi pindang is Trenggalek traditional food, which cannot find in any other places. Then, prepare your bag and luggage and find the delicious Nasi pindang only in Trenggalek. www.eastjava.com

Karanggoso Beach

Karanggongso Beach Karanggongso beach is about 3 Km, east of Prigi. The beach is 1,5 Km long with its white sand, gullet and clear water which enables the tourists to take a bath. This beach is located in Tasikmadu village. This beach is facilitated with a cottage, a hotel and boats rental, including Hotel Prigi and a hotel belongs to the Regional Government cooperative. With its natural scenery around, Karanggongso Beach is suitable for the visitor to enjoy the sea air and the waves. There are big stones around the…

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