Batik Probolinggo

As one of the icons of Probolinggo City, mango and grape become the identity of the batik craftsmen in the city which is famous as Bayuangga (Bayu; Angin, Angga; Anggur, and Mangga) and one of the Batik Probolinggo is named Manggur batik.

History of Batik Manggur began in 1883, which was marked by a special exhibition Batik Probolinggo in Amsterdam of Netherlands with a total of 150 motives. Typical motive Batik Probolinggo city with motives seem natural, taken from motives of natural shades like motive Grape, Mango, Bayu, and wind, or a blend of the four elements, thus providing a natural feel and typical dress and cloth for batik lovers.

Typical Batik Probolinggo city has a unique shades such as Mango and Grape motive, Grapes and Mango because this is one characteristic of Probolinggo City.

Making patterns or motives of Batik Typical Probolinggo city must capable of technique of batik manually or with a natural feel like elements Bayu, wind , grape and Mango (Bayuangga), so it has a unique pattern of batik and different from the others. There are several original batik patterns Probolinggo namely; Manggur Motive, Thousand Gardens motives, Wind (Bayu) motives.

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