Home Industry and Typical Food of Madiun

The Small Industry And Madiun Typical Foods.

Brem and Pecel Chilli Sauce are the Madiun typical foods and often produced as well as has been famous. This small industry and Madiun typical food is state in Mejayan area. It is in kaliabu village, just about 21 km from Madiun city to the North side that is Caruban city.
The other Madiun's supreme product is Emping Garut that state in Mojopurno village, Wungudan district and Segulung village, Dagangan district.
There is also the other supreme product that is "Bamboo Chair" for various household requirements. This product is can found in Nglanduk village, Wungu district.

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The Historical City Of Madiun

Madiun Madiun regency, is the western town on East Java before entering Central Java. Madiun is surrounded by famous mountains like Wilis Mountain to the East, Kapur Selatan range to the south and Lawu mountain to the West. Madiun also noted as a significant city from the Indonesian History because there of the uprising of Communist Party of Indonesia [G 30 S PKI] which was had thousands of death. At early begin, Madiun was under the territory of Sultanate of Mataram. On Madiun history, noted that Madiun was a strategic…

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