Pump the Adrenaline at Tempoeran River Tubing


Going on an adventure is not the end of a journey, but a learning which you can get from life. There are many sides of adventure you can enjoy. Lumajang is the rich place of nature which brings us into an adventure.

Tempoeran Tubing Adventure, located 200 meter from the south of teak wood at Tempuran districr, Lumajang, East Java will challenge us to go along its cascade. Along 4 km through the river for two hours, we will be tossed on a big rubber tyre.

This adventure is so fun and challenging. It is even more fun to enjoy it with friends and family. Before it starts, the instructor will explain some ways to try their tubing. The current is quite normal at the beginning. However, after 10 minutes, we will be challenged to face a strong river stream. It is suggested to follow the stream, to keep our body balanced, and to stay on the rubber tyre.

When we pass through a strong river flow, there is a guide for two tubing participants, so the safety and comfort keep coming first. If our position is not at the right place to pass through the strong one, they will stop us and reset our position to avoid falling down the river. However, the sensation of tubing is not only about following the strong stream but also about falling down from the easy cascade if our position is not stable.

After an hour going through the river, you can take a break while enjoying a glass of warm ginger milk from the guides to keep us warm. Here you can swim and jump into the depth of the river at the break point.

After enjoying the glass of warm ginger milk, we will try a deeper cascade at this point. It needs your skill to control your balance on tyre to avoid falling down. It also requires focus to avoid rocks hurting our body.

How to Get There:
It is located at Senduro district, Tempuran, on the southern of Lumajang downtown taking 90 minutes trip.

Surabaya/ Malang bus station – Wonorejo bus station – Klojen intersection – Senduro market
Jember/ Banyuwangi bus station – Wonorejo station – Klojen intersection – Senduro market.

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