Taman Tirta Bojonegoro

Taman Tirta is a swimming pool tourism object that very strategic, because of being located in Bojonegoro city, precisely in WR. Supratman Street. For Bojonegoro community and the other tourists, who wanted to relax, eliminated the stress, swimming, and playground, this place is the most suitable tourism object to be visited.

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Bojonegoro Bojonegoro regency, one of East Java regencies, have borders with Tuban regency in North, Lamongan regency in East, Nganjuk, Ngawi and Madiun regency in South, also Blora in West. Since the Indonesia ancient lifetime history was marked by the strong influence of Hindu culture that cames from India since the first century until the 16th century, Bojonegoro was including the Majapahit empire. Along with the establishment of the Sultanate of Demak in the 16th century, Bojonegoro became territory of the Kingdom of Demak. By the entrance of Islamic culture…

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