The Pilgrimage Tour To Gresik


This one of industrial city in East Java have borders, Java Ocean in the North, Surabaya in the South, Madura Strait in East and Lamongan in West.

Since eleventh century, port of Gresik had become the important port for trading with China, Arab and India. By this trading across international, Islam was begin to spread in Gresik.

Gresik nowadays is increasingly grow by the existence of some large company like Semen Gresik, Petrokimia Gresik, Nippon Paint, BHS-Tex, Industri perkayuan/ Plywood and Maspion. Big number of industries gathered at this city.

Gresik also has significant producer of fisheries; marine fisheries, ponds, and inland fisheries. Gresik also has Gas Power Plants and Steam Power Plant about 2200 MW.

Beside, the economic commodity is also supported from the self-employed sector like songkok Industry, Craftsmen Bags, Gold & Silver Jewelry Craft, Garment Industry or convection.

From the tourism destination, Gresik has some pilgrimage site like some graves from the Islamic saint, that usually being visited by the pilgrim to take a pray.

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