The Philosophy Of Baduy

Baduy People

The Baduy, are one of Indonesian People that live around in Lebak Regency, Banten, West Java. It is part of Sundanese people.
Baduy is the name from the society which connected with Arabian Badawi, a nomad ethnic from the ancient time.

The people themselves would rather call themselves as Kanekes or Urang Kanekes or Kanekes people, which connected with their living hood.

The Baduy is divided into two groups, which is the Inner Baduy or Baduy Dalam and Outer Baduy or Baduy Luar.

Inner Baduy or Baduy Dalam are the people whose not getting involve with modernity, the community that really concern and obey the rules, obey the leader, respectful, honest, running straight, persistent, loyal, anti destructive, using what nature provided, not abundant, clear minded.

Baduy Dalam are very simple and very humble not tempted to get involved by worldly life, therefore they are always stay inside Kanekes. Occasionally, they go outside to see something that they can acknowledge. In fact, Baduy people have very strong memories.

The life of Baduy Dalam is surrounded by mountains and hills, there are no vehicles allow to be in, not allow to use shampoo and soap to take a bath, not allow to use transportation, there is no gadget, there is no modernity, it is isolated and so lonesome.

While, Baduy Luar or outer Baduy are the people who always adhere and taking care to the people on Baduy Dalam. Outer Baduy is such a mediator between the outside society and Baduy people, and between Badu people and government. No foreigners were allowed to meet the Inner Baduy without any confirmation from the Outer Baduy.

Different with Baduy Dalam, The outer Baduy are allow to use vehicle or to take transportation, the use shampoo, soap, wear an appropriate wardrobe, jewelries like the common people outside their group. Overall, Baduy Luar are more tend to be modern than Baduy Dalam. They just concern with something that Pamali or forbidden according to their rules.

The Baduy are the people who have strong ideology and philosophy regarding the way of living. They never admitted something that do not belong to them. On Baduy Dalam there is no property right, they just called it as property to be used. In other words, inner Baduy are never admitted the nature where they live as his own, the mountains, the hills,the water is the common right, it maintained together, it run together, and let enjoy together.

Unfortunately, the outer Baduy is different. They already have ideology about the property rights.

Baduy people speak on Sundanese with dialect of Sunda-Banten. But, they are able to communicate in Bahasa clearly when speak to other people outside their groups.

Baduy people have Sunda Wiwitan as their religion, it is like animism which is affected by Islam, Hindu and Budha.

Baduy people do farming since long time ago, they do huma rice for make a living and selling fruit from forest like Durian, Keranji tamarind and forest honey.

Lojor heunteu beunang dipotong, pèndèk heunteu beunang disambung.

This is the philosophy that has meaning, Length can not / should not be cut, the short can not / should not be spliced. This philosophy explain that Baduy people are well-maintain. They never try to add anything that is not there, but it also do not destroy the existing things, either in the form of natural resources like forests, rivers, gardens, including animals that live around them.

We should be understand more about this to be more grateful for everything that we take, isnt it?

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