The Great Vacation in Pink Beach – Komodo Island Indonesia

The beach is uninhabited. That means you won’t meet local people here. Due to this reason, you may obtain a peaceful ambiance. The beauty of the beach is unspoiled. It is a wonderful place for relaxing indeed. Apart from diving, you can simply lie down on the beach. It is a good spot for sunbathing. There is a problem, though. You won’t find accommodations and facilities. Therefore, you must have found your hotel in Labuan Bajo prior to visiting Pink Beach. In order to reach Pink Beach, you need to visit Komodo Island. From Labuan Bajo, you can use a speedboat to visit the island. It takes a few hours. Don’t forget to carry some snacks and equipment. There won’t be many eateries in Komodo Island. It is also wise to come with a tour guide. He will be your source of information during the adventure. Overall, it will be an amazing experience!

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