Sawang Beach in Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province

When spending a vacation at Riau Islands Province, tourists should not forget to drop by in Karimun Regency. The purpose is to visit some beautiful beaches like Sawang Beach. As the name suggests, this one is located in Sawang Village and belongs to West Kundur Sub-District. This location has a high number of visitors, especially during weekends. The location is not quite far from Kuala Kampar City, as well. No wonder, tourists are able to see the city clearly from the shoreline, especially at night. For the information, “Sawang” means to see or to witness. The locals gave the name because they can enjoy sightseeing comfortably there.

The Nuance

Well, it is true Sawang Beach doesn’t look as beautiful as those of Balinese Beaches. Despite the fact, it offers a special allure that tourists won’t find at other beaches. It is none other than the view of Kuala Kampar City on the horizon. Next, medium-sized wooden piers reside there. They look neat and simple! Next, a big hut resides by the shore, which can be used for sightseeing and relaxation. As for the shoreline, the length is medium and it features a light-brown sandy landscape. Some stones and rocks beautify the beach, too, and they often become a background for taking photos.

Exploring Sawang Beach

In Kundur Island, Sawang Village is considered well-known, especially for its beach. That place becomes a perfect location for sightseeing and photography, after all. The location is quite strategic, either, as tourists can reach it either by land transportation and sea transportation service. For instance, it takes only about 40 minutes from Selat Beliah Port by boat. The best thing is that tourists can enter the beach freely!

The shoreline looks yellowish and clean. Plus, the texture is quite soft and it is suitable for beach walking and exploration. The only disappointment is that the sea looks a little bit murky and muddy. Thus, swimming is not recommended there. Instead, tourists can enjoy exploration and relaxation in any parts of the beach. Thanks to the presence of coral reefs and stones that reside on the beach. People usually take photos and relaxation on these stones! It is better to reach that spot aside from at noon, though. The purpose is to avoid the heat of the sun.

Even though Sawang Beach can be quite hot at noon, tourists can simply rest or sit under various types of trees including coconut, ketapang, and pine trees. These shady trees would protect them from the heat of the sun, so don’t worry. What is next? The best allure is definitely the view of Kuala Kampar City on the horizon. Here is the tip. Tourists must come at night, so they can watch the sparkling city and feels a better nuance at the time.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lancang Kuning Sawang Monument
  • Lubuk Beach
  • Timun Beach

How to Get There

From Jakarta City, it is recommended to take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Batam City directly. This flight usually takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes during good weather, actually. Next, after arriving at Hang Nadim Airport, they can take a boat at a local port and head to Kundur Island directly. The beach is located not far from downtown, so don’t worry.

Where to Stay

  • Asia Guesthouse

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