Moraya Fort in Tomohon City of North Sulawesi


Not all people are aware of the fact that Tomohon City holds a significant history. Therefore, tourists should not miss visiting a place like Moraya Fort when visiting the region later. The location is in Roong Village and it resides in West Tondano Sub-District. The good thing is the fort is located by Tondano Lake, so it is quite accessible and noticeable! The question is what the fort is good for? In a nutshell, it is suitable for those who love history and photography. According to the locals, Moraya became the last defense base of the Minahasa when fighting against the Dutch.

The Nuance

Once arriving at the site, tourists may see 12 big pillars that become the icon of the site. On those pillars, tourists may see carvings that tell a story regarding the Tondano War. These are built behind the name sign and have become the best spot take photos and selfies. The next noticeable feature is the presence of a 4-story tower on where tourists can climb. The panorama looks the best up there. What about the nuance? Well, it feels peaceful due to the inexistence of sophisticated facilities and buildings. Somehow, the fort is suitable for lessening as well.

Exploring Moraya Fort

The first reason why many people come to Moraya Fort is to learn the history. It is said the fort was once used by the Minahasa to fight the invaders. They took advantage of the fort as a defense. Aside from that, it also became the base of the Tondano Army called Minawanua. For further information regarding the history, tourists should talk to either villagers or local guides. The information would be worthy for those who love history and culture, without a doubt. Local parents can also introduce the value of the fort to their kids.

The local government puts good efforts in maintaining Moraya Fort in order to retain the heroic value of the local heroes back then. In fact, the fort has become the part of Tondano and Minahasa people! What about tourists? They take advantage of the fort to enjoy both photography and recreation. Thanks to the serene location. It provides a peaceful feeling to visitors and helps them to relax during the exploration.

As mentioned before, photography becomes another reason why many people come to the fort. These people may take photos in front of the pillars and the tower to their heart’s content. As for the tip, it is recommended to come to the location during holidays. It is because the nuance becomes merrier due to the presence of more visitors. Also, tourists can easily get information regarding the fort and its history from those people.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Selamat Datang Monument
  • Tombakar Lake

How to Get There

From Manado City, a trip to Moraya Fort may take about 1 hour and 10 minutes. It is because the distance is 39.2 km. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Raya Manado-Bitung Street and use only the best transportation service. Once arriving at West Tondano Sub-District, tourists can simply head to Roong Village where the fort is located.

Where to Stay

  • Tou Dano Hotel
  • Vorel Hotel
  • Bella Villa

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