Komodo Island, as Beautiful as Feeling of Heaven! Wonderful Indonesia

Komodo Island is the home of Komodo dragons, the main animal attraction of the island. It is located at West Manggarai Regency. But, that doesn’t mean you can only find this animal. There are other wild faunas like snakes, birds, horses, and much more. Apart from animals, there’s another attraction that tourists can enjoy: the scenery! The hills are similar to a desert landscape. Though, it features some beautiful beaches and wild bushes. Both the sky and the sea looks so calm and blue. These make wonderful scenery. When you visit this place, you should get a company. It is called Jagawana or an animal tamer. With their help, you are able to approach Komodo monitors safely. From Bali, you need to head to Labuan Bajo by plane. Then you must use a ferry to visit Komodo Island from Labuan Bajo.

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