Enchanting Probolinggo

Madakaripura Waterfall - Probolinggo East Java
Madakaripura Waterfall - Probolinggo East Java


Probolinggo, the nice town on East Java, which properly surrounded by group of famous mountain on East Java, which are Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo, and Mount Argopuro. The local inhabitant on Probolinggo are various, mostly are Tenggerese, Madurese, Pandalungan and some of Javanese. The culture of Tengger is hold the strong way of living withing the society, Tenggerese are mostly live on Bromo mountain area, they are Hindu and they believe that they were descendant of Majapahit Kingdom.

Looking from the way of living and cultural diversity, probolinggo has various assets to be proud of as tourism destination. They have beaches, mountains, temples, lakes, and particular arts of existence of human kind, those destinations are coloring this Grape city as one of East Java Tourism destination.

As posted above, Madakaripura waterfall is one of the destination. That marvelous waterfall is located in Sapih Village, Lombang district, This waterfall has related historic with a great Prime Ministry, Gajah Mada, who strongly struggled to unify the whole territory of the nation under span of control of Majapahit, and said as “the last residence for Gajah Mada”.

The sparkling water, the fresh air and the green blue sky is the background canvas that you will find on Madakaripura waterfall.

What a world…

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