Climbing at Mount Bulusaraung, South Sulawesi Tourism

South Sulawesi stores a variety of tourism potentials from marine tourism to cultural tourism. Starting from the famous of Losari Beach in Makassar City, Tana Toraja with its cultural rituals, and the beautiful stretch of Karst Maros which is the second largest karst mountain in the world. South Sulawesi comes with a variety of places that offer beauty and charm from each region. However, if you are in Mamiri Province and have already visited the places mentioned above, Mount Bulusaraung is the right choice to feel the other sensations of tourism in South Sulawesi. With a height of 1,535 meters above sea level, this mountain presents challenges and adventures that can add to the excitement of your vacation. This mountain is also included in the Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park area which is famous as a habitat for various types of butterflies.

Located in Tompio Bulu, Balocci District, Pangkep Regency, Mount Bulusaraung is one of the favorite mountains for climbers in South Sulawesi. The starting point of this mountain climbing can be reached with about two and a half hours from the center of Makassar City. Although the height is not as striking compared to other mountains in Indonesia, climbing at Mount Bulusaraung is not an easy matter. Along the hiking trail to the top of mountain, various types of plants can be found ranging from rattan trees, candlenuts, and coconuts. In addition, Mount Bulusaraung is the natural habitat of several fauna such as black monkeys, ferrets, and various types of butterflies.

The path to the summit of Mount Bulusaraung is filled with rocks with quite steep terrain. This path will certainly test the physical endurance of the climbers. Mount Bulusaraung has ten rest posts including the last post at the top. The ninth post is usually used as a camping ground for hikers who want to enjoy the moment of sunrise on the mountain peak. The journey from the ninth post to the summit of Mount Bulusaraung takes about thirty minutes. The peak of Mount Bulusaraung is marked by the presence of a BTNBB radio transmitter. From the top of the peak, hikers can see the beautiful view from the stretch of Karst Maros which is a bonus ascent to this mountain.

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