The Elegant Tor Tor Dance

Tor Tor Dance Tor-Tor dance is a traditional dance from Batak tribe in North Sumatra. At ancient times, the art of dancing in Batak land was a main media during the rite, and it still had mystical things. Moreover, the dance was also performed in happy times like harvesting and wedding ceremony. according to history, tor tor dance is used in rituals associated with spirits. The spirit is invoked and “walked” into the stone statues, which was the symbol of the ancestors. Those statues were then moved like dancing, but…

The Caping Dance

Caping Dance Caping Ngancak Dance Caping Ngancak dance is one of traditional dances in Lamongan regency. The dance is describes about farmers in their rice field showing the process from grow the rice until they get harvest. Like farmers, the dancers also wearing ‘Caping’, which is a special hat that only wore by farmer in Indonesia. This dance is performed by group of young females who wore village costumes in modern style and bring Caping as the main property.