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Labengki Island Snorkeling Spot 2 Days/1 Nights

Day 01 : Tolitoli Village – Labengki Island (LD).

Meeting point at Conservation Post at Tolitoli Village, sub district Lalonggasumeeto (about 40 minute drive from Down Town of Kendari or about 1 hour drive from Haluoleo Airport of Kendari), after loading all stuff, we will heading to Labengki Island by ride a speedboat, the boat ride may take about 1.30 minute or 2 hour (29 miles), depend on weather condition. Upon arrive at Labengki Island, transfer to Kimaboe Lagoon Cottage & Villa (Labengki Nirwana Resort Group) for check in, and then Lunch at cottage with Indonesian buffet menu. Afterwards we will take time for hike to Kimaboe Lagoon located at Mountain top to see the Labengki Panorama Views which is similar to Raja Ampat view but its with Mini version, here you may can see some of small island around Labengki Island Besar also from here you may can see the Love Bay View. After that back to cottage and do snorkeling in front of the cottage, here you may have chance to see 9 (nine) species of Giant Clam including 2 (two) of the New Candidate species name it “Kimaboe” which is found on Labengki Island and Tridacna Costata Indonesia, you may also have chance to see some of schooling fish around cottage. Another option you may can use the Kayak for sightseeing around cottage. Dinner will be served at cottage with Indonesian buffet menu.

Day 02 : Labengki Ocean Tour – Sightseeing Bajo Tribe – Tolitoli Village (BL).
Early morning we will walk to Kimaboe Beach and will pass “Labengki Lovers Walk” to see the Sunrise and then continue hike to another mountain rock in front of cottage name it “Mauang 7 Wonders”, here you can see a panorama view of Mauang Island and others small rocky island around it, including Alnamira Island, and the view of coral reef spread around the cottage. Afterwards back to the cottage for having your buffet breakfast and then continue snorkeling to Dolipo and Pasir Panjang Beach. After snorkeling we will visit Kusino Island also know as “Labengki Kecil”, here you may have change to see the daily life of Bajo Tribe (sea gypsy) and then by walk continue to visit a small pool inside cave. After that back to the cottage for having Lunch with Indonesian buffet menu, check out then transfer to Tolitoli Village, upon arrive at Conservation Post at Tolitoli Village, end of the tour.

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