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Fascinating Minangkabau One Day Tour Package

pagaruyung-palace-padang-sumbarROUGH ITINERARY :

Minangkabau tour will discover more about Minangkabau culture, traditional houses, traditions and etc around Batusangkar Tanah Datar district during your holiday in West Sumatra (Barat). We will travel straight to Pagaruyuang Batusangkar Tanah Datar via Batipuah village to visit an old building of Minangkabau mosque (Surau) with its original Minangkabau architecture. Before reaching this village, we will visit Pandai Sikek Village, to see local people make traditional hand weaving (songket) and wood carving (ukiran kayu). Lunch break will be at a restaurant surrounded with terraced paddy fields landscape. Later on we will travel farther to visit the fascinating tourist attractions around West Sumatra, Batusangkar town, to visit (Istana) Pagaruyuang Palace, the impressive  Minangkabau traditional big house. Then proceed visiting another tourist attraction, Balimbiang village to see old traditional Minangkabau houses, especially Rumah Tuo Kampai Nan Panjang which was built without any single nails and thatched roof top. A splendid coffee break will be at Singkarak lake, then travel back to Bukittinggi which takes about 60 minutes drive.

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