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7D/6N Ternate-Tidore-Morotai Tour

Upon arrival at Babullah Airport Ternate, you will be picked up by local guide and immediately taken to the hotel for check-in. After that, you will be taken to a local restaurant to have lunch. Towards the afternoon, you may want to go back to your hotel and rest or perhaps have city tour to get to know Ternate a little bit better. The city tour begins by visiting Oranje Fortress, which is the largest Dutch fortress in Ternate built in 1607 and was once the VOC Spice Trade Centre. Then, you will visit Kedaton Sultan Ternate to enjoy some of the historical magnificience in the palace museum. You will visit Traditional Market of Ternate to get a sense of how the local community spends time at the shopping center and perhaps interact with them. You will also be taken to Tapak Dua to take pictures of the City Landscape with the backdrop of AL-Munawar Floating Mosque, the Landmark of Ternate City, as well as Mount Kie Matubu of Tidore and Maitara Islands. After that, you will be taken to back to your hotel. At 7 pm you will be picked up for dinner at a local restaurant.

After breakfast, you will be picked up again to start the second day of your tour. First, you will visit Tolukko Fortress which was built by the Portuguese above the foothill of Sangaji Village overlooking the views of Ternate City, Tidore Island, Halmahera Island, and Mount Gamalama. After taking pictures, you will be taken to Batu Angus, a hardened lava stretching over 1 kilometer on the village of Kulaba and formed by the first eruption of Mount Gamalama which took place in 1673. After that, you will visit Sulamadaha Beach, which is a favorite place for local tourists to relax, swim, snorkel, etc. You are then taken to Lake Tolire to witness the beauty of the lake with its blue water and exotic scenery around the top of Mount Gamalama. After from here, you will be taken to Bobane Ici at which you will enjoy lunch there. After lunch, you then visit Fort Gamalama, the oldest fort in Ternate. During the trip, you may want to make occasional stops to see nutmeg and clove plantations along the way. You will also be taken to a hill near Lake Laguna to take photos of the iconic views of Lake Laguna, Maitara Island, and Tidore Island. After that, you will be taken to the City of Promise Fortress, Kalamata Fortress, and finally back to the hotel. At 7 pm, you will be picked up again for dinner and enjoy the night atmosphere of Ternate City.

After breakfast, you will be picked up by our driver and taken to Bastiong Harbour to go to Tidore. It takes about 10-15 minutes by local wooden boat to reach Tidore. Sitting on the top deck may allow you to see the stunning view of the nearby Maitara Island, Gamalama Mount, and Mount Kie Matubu as well as the scenic view of Ternate Downtown. Upon arrival at Rum Pier in Tidore, you will start your journey by visiting Tahulla fortress, which is another Portuguese fort on a foothill near Soajawa village overlooking the city center of Soasio and Halmahera ocean. You will then proceed to visit the nearby Sultanate Tidore Museum, Tore Fortress, as well as the Sultan Tidore Palace, and even if possible be able to meet the Sultan directly and have a little chat with him. After that, you will be taken to Pasar Sari Malaha, another traditional market in Tidore at which you will have lunch at a nearby restaurant. From here, you will then visit the warm water spring of Akesahu and just relax under the shadow, swim or walk along the beach. After from here, you will be taken back to Rum Village at which you could see the Landing Monument of Juan Sebastian Del Cano who was the first Spaniard to set foot on the island of Tidore. Finally, head back to Rum Pier and be ready to go back to Ternate. Dinner will be provided at Floridas Restaurant, which is located at the subdistrict of Ngade that offers the beautiful view Tidore and Maitara islands just as recorded in the Indonesian 1000 banknote.

After breakfast, please ensure that all your belonging is appropriately packed as today you will begin another exciting journey on Morotai Island. You will be picked up by the driver at around 9.30 am and escorted to Ternate Airport for flight check-in. The flight duration from Ternate to Morotai with Wings Air is approximately 45 minutes. Upon arrival at Morotai Leo Wattimena Airport, you will be welcomed by our guide and taken to a local restaurant for lunch. After that, you will be taken to D’Loha Resort to check in and rest. In the afternoon, you will head to Tanjung Dehegila to relax and enjoy the sunset. You will have dinner at around 7 pm at a local restaurant in Daruba.

After breakfast, you will be picked up by your driver to start your Morotai Island journey. The first destination will be Tanjung Gorango. This beach offers a panoramic view of the clean white sand beach, stretching across more than half a kilo, and is only about 2.5-hour drive towards the northern part of Morotai Island. You will enjoy lunch at this beach. After lunch, you will head back towards the south in the village of Bere-Bere, get on a local wooden boat called “ketinting” and explore the island of Tabailenge, which is only about 10 minutes away. The island is untouched and offers a beautiful coastal view and crystal-clear water which is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing under the trees on its clean white sand. In the afternoon, you will be picked up again and taken to Nunuhu Beach which is about an hour from Bere-Bere. After taking a picture here, you are then taken back to the capital of Daruba. On the way to Daruba, you can stop at Air Kaca, which was once the bathing place for the US military commander, General Douglas McArthur during the Asia Pacific War. From here, you are then taken back to the resort to rest. Dinner starts at around 7 pm at one of the local restaurants in Daruba.


After breakfast, you will be picked up at around 9 a.m. and escorted to the pier of Daruba to start your Island-Hopping adventure. The first spot to visit is Zum-Zum Island. This island was once used by General Commander Douglas McArthur as a strategic base for arranging strategy against the Japanese forces. There is also a statue of General Douglas MacArthur that you can find on the island. From here, you will be taken to Kolorai Island to visit Village-Based tourism community, where you can visit the Center for Local’s Creative Industries, witness the process of making salted fish and seaweed, and interact directly with the local people who are mostly fishermen. The next spot to visit is Pulau Pasir Timbul, which is a smallish uninhabited island floating in the middle of nowhere, but only covered with white sand with very clear water. You can take selfies here or go snorkeling or swimming. Next, you will head to Kokoya Island, which is another uninhabited island, much larger than the previous spot, covering in the exotic white sand and untouched natural scenery, in which you can relax under the trees, do snorkeling/ swimming, or just troll around the island. Also, on this island, you will eat lunch at the beach while enjoying the beauty of its cool and peaceful natural scenery. The last destination for your Island-Hopping journey is Dodola Island which is an icon of Morotai Island tourism, consisting of two small islands called Dodola Besar and Dodola Kecil which are connected by clean white sand during low tide. Here, you can walk along the coast to enjoy its natural scenery, do some swimming or snorkeling in its crystal-clear water or just lay on the beach and enjoy the sun. In the afternoon, you are again picked up with a local wooden boat to return to Morotai Island. After that, you are taken back to the hotel to rest while waiting for dinner time around 7:30 pm. at a local restaurant.

After breakfast, please be sure that your luggage is packed neatly before starting the morning tour because you will be leaving soon. The first spot to visit is WWII Mini Museum owned by a local resident who has been keeping a collection of World War II relics in his own home. Then you will stop by the PDII Morotai Museum in Pandanga Village built in 2012 to welcome the event of Sail Morotai. After that, you will be escorted to the airport and thus, the end of your entire adventure in Morotai.

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