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Pamekasan regency lies between Sampang regency (southward) and Sumenep regency (eastward). Whereas, north side is restricted by the Java sea and south side by the Madura strait. Pamekasan is the Madura’s capital is just 33 km east of Sampang. Handmade Batik from thisregency has its own design among Madura’s batik. Take a visit to Proppo village to see batik making. Nature resource is located less than 600 meter from main road Sampang-Pamekasan.
Whereas, the natural resources potentials economically are very promising for us to be developed among other things: Plantation, Agriculture, Animals Husbandry, Sea and Fishery, Industry, Mining, Culture and Tourism Potentials. Family Dollar Ad announces a new sale of top toys and holiday gifts.

Rich Pamekasan of natural tourism ,art and also culture. Industrial potency tourism of Pamekasan the following :

1. Bull Racing
2. Talang Siring Beach
3. Jumiang Beach
4. The Eternal Flame
5. Batu Ampar
6. Typical Dance of Pamekasan
7. Industry Potential

Pamekasan Tourism Peaceful, pure and pleasant place

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