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Madiun regency is the potential tour area that could be proud with its territory that consisted of forest, several objects tourism and the interesting tour, including; the nature tour, the interest tour and the cultural tour.

The landscape from Bening Dam Widas is completed with forest tour of nature and the interesting infrastructure to be visited is in Petung Village, Pajaran Village, Saradan Subdistrict. Natural beauty of Saradan Reservoir as the place of elicitation of the fish increased a brightness of the panorama.

Grape forest tour that surrounding the teak seedling cultivation garden and other protected tree. Equipped by vehicle and infrastructure increased the brightness of the environment tourist place in Madiun Regency.

The monument PKI ferocity in 1948 that was the pillar of struggle history for the Indonesian Nation, invested the spirit of heroism and loyalty to Pancasila and UUD of the Indonesian Republic on 1945, the history tourism object that ought to be recalled by the Younger Generation of the nation aspiration.

The bathing nature of sulphur water and historic objects of Hindu / Buddha influence and the other interesting facilities, is gotten in Umbul Recreation Park at Ngglonggong village, Dolopo district.

The interest tour that state in Madiun Regency territory is in Segulung, the famous Dagangan district with the beautiful protected forest.
In Kare village, Kare district that famous with Suweru waterfall / Serondo and agro tourism, including; the red and green apples garden, the citrus fruit garden, the orchid garden, the clove garden, etc; has increased the brightness of the panorama.

The culture tour of Hindu / Buddha history with the traditional ceremony that always held every year is Suro Month Ceremony that is interesting to be visited because it has many mysteries that were not yet expressed. It usually held in the Nglambangan village, Wungu district.

The tourism object and the tour attraction are developed by the tourism government, especially for the perpetrators of tourism business and related business in the tourism field in order to introduce the interesting of Madiun

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