Mandangin Island

It is in Mandangin Island, Sampang Subdistrict. The kind of tourism in Mandangin Island is Marine Tourism. It is about 5 miles from the district Capital. It can be reached by using traditional motorboat or motor sail boat on the calm water surface of Madura Strait, giving additional scenes toward the beauty of the under-water world with naked eyes where many varieties of colored fish and live corals in various forms are scattered. Their beauty is incomparable and we can dive or do other activities on that beach.

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Madura, Strong Like The Bull

Madura Madura is one of Indonesian Island, which is located on northeastern coast of Java Island. The indigenous are about ethnically Madurese, with particular language of Madurese. Politically, Madura, over the centuries had become subordinate to regional authority based in Java. Around the year 900-1500, the island is under the influence of the east Javanese Hindu kingdom like Kediri, Singhasari, and Majapahit. Madura ethnic, like Tionghoa ethnic is such a large ethnic which spread all over Indonesia area. Madura is one of the poorest area. Unlike other area in Indonesia,…

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