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    Situ Cangkuang, Garut - West Java - Indonesia

    Located in the village Situ Cangkuang, District Leles, Garut regency, West Java. Being in a small hilly area that has a height of 695-706 meters above sea level and stands in the valley area of 16.5 ha of the cool air. Situ surrounded mountain chains in the four corners of the wind is like Mount Mandalawangi, Mount Kaledong, Mist Mountain, Mount Guru, Thunder Mountain and Mount Cikuray Cangkuang make it as natural decoy that offers exceptional beauty. Expanse of the lake is overgrown with hundreds of wild lotus flowers adorn the lip of the lake.

    Visiting Situ Cangkuang not just simply enjoy the beautiful natural grain. But the uniqueness of the temple sites found in the middle Situ Cangkuang. Hindu-style temple was discovered in 1966 by a team of researchers Harsoyo and Uka Candrasasmita based on a report written Vorderman in the minutes book Bataviaasch Genootshap (published in 1893).

    Cangkuang terletak village in north Kabupaten Garut masuk Kecamatan Leles, exactly 16 miles from Garut atau 54 miles from Bandung. To achieve Cangkuang site can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles. From Highway Bandung - Bandung, approximately 9 km left Bandung, not far from derivative Nagrek will find a junction to the District or the heart of Main Page Main Page.

    Arriving at the square Leles District, there is a clear and signage directing travelers to the location of the site Cangkuang. Enter into far more than 3 km, four-wheeled vehicles or public transport could still be passed this way. The travelers can also choose to transport motorcycles, wagon (traditional transportation pulled by horses) or walk for 30 minutes while enjoying the mountain range and Mount Mandalawangi towering Thunder Mountain. Not long after travelers immediately greeted with a gate that is not too big that it signifies Welcome Cangkuang.

    Source: travel.kompas.com

    photo by Wahyu Setiawan

    photo: perjalanankita.files.wordpress.com

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