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    Pantai Ujung Negoro, Batang - Central Java - Indonesia

    Coast Edge Negoro (Pantai Ujung Negoro) environmental conditions that are still beautiful, clean sand, coupled with mangrove-lined shoreline along the coast adds to the beauty that we can not get elsewhere.

    This beach is situated in the village of Ujung Negoro, sub-Write, Batang regency, Central Java, only about 7 km from the city center rods. If you are from the west, 7 miles to the east you'll arrive in the village going. There is a large gate bearing the Coastal Edge Negoro. Berbeloklah to the left as far as 6 miles, through the village - the village of fruit rambutan, mango, and durian. If you happen to fit the season fruit - fruit that, along the way will you find a row of fruit - fruit that.

    If you ride a public bus, just say "tip" on the conductor, then you will be dropped off at the junction going. There is a transit village that led to the beach, but you have to wait, because the village is very little transport, and will not work if not full. If you want more quickly, ride motorcycles only.

    1 km before reaching the coast you will arrive at the counter inside. tiketya cheap, only 3000 dollars for a weekday, and 6000 dollars for the day - certain days, like Sundays and other holidays. Selanjutya jasmine plantations will be treated to overlay that stretches to reach the shore.

    You are coming by train, come down at the station end Negoro, 2 km from the coast. You can continue the journey with angkudes or motorcycle taxi. If you want to walk, not long really, only about 30 minutes you're here, will not bother because you will be busy enjoying its natural beauty.

    On the west side of the mangrove-lined coast stretches are still lush withstand the pounding of the waves. The beach is very clean, as far from residential area, and of course because of the awareness of visitors who throw trash in the trash that has been provided. Provided the park on the beach which is usually used children - children to play - play, of course, teenagers and dewasapun may use. After a swim at the beach you can shower in the bathroom that are available. Want to ride the boat can also, many boats - small boat that will take you out to sea, enjoying the beauty of the sea from nearby residents.

    In the span east, you'll get a lot of rock - a very large rock. Behind him is a very high cliff. To go to the top of the cliff, there are dozens of steps to get there. In addition to the stairs, there is a small mosque adjacent to the tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi.

    I suggest you come there in the morning or evening, because the scenery was beautiful. Sunrise and sunsetnya is amazing, makes us praise the greatness of the Creator.

    Welcome to Coastal Edge Negoro (Pantai Ujung Negoro) visiting!

    Source: wisata.kompasiana.com

    photo: thejavatourisme.blogspot.com

    photo by Yvonne Wijaya

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