In Pati, the hill on the Kendeng Mountains is transformed into a comfortable and creative tourist location. Pandang Hill Area is located in Duren Sawit Village, Kayen District, Pati Regency. Access to this sightseeing is relatively easy to reach. Visitors only need to trace the path of Pati-Sukolilo to arrive at that location.

Across the lane, the entrance sign is upright and the tourists just follow the well-built paved five-meter road. Arriving at the location, visitors are charged a relatively cheap rate. Since the tour is developed by the village youth, the entrance fee is charged only 3,000 Rupiah. Visitors also pay 2,000 Rupiah for motorcycle parking or 5,000 Rupiah for car parking.

Entering Pandang Hill, visitors are invited trekking to the hills. But make no mistake, road access has been conjured up like a concrete ladder. But in the location, there is no concretion, but arranging the limestone rocks in the mountains to be more comfortable to pass. In this hill area, visitors are also spoiled with a creative touch from the village youth. A number of knacks are standing there to add aesthetic value.

At the peak location, visitors can take pictures. There is a sign of love affection that built in the peak area with a green rice field setting. The houses on stilts in teak trees also stand in the location and it can be a pretty interesting photo spots. An exciting spot is also provided at the summit site, up to the top of the hill that providing 8 people to take turns. At the peak, visitors can take pictures along with red and white flags on the top.

The average visitors are satisfied with the creations that are displayed by the village youth supported by the local government. Visitors who come are not only citizens from Pati, but also travelers from Jakarta, Banten to Bandung. The scenery on Pandang Hill is very beautiful. There are many tree houses that also used as photo spots. So, for you who want to visit this viewpoint of Pandang Hill, you can come early morning. The location of the Pandang Hill has also been designed for children, so that the place is representative for all ages.

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