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    Traveling in Exotic Pucok Krueng and Feeling The Freshness of Greenish Water

    Many places in Indonesia are unknown, but they have beautiful natural scenery. One of the rising tourist destinations in the subdistrict of Lhoknga Aceh is a great tour to Pucoek Krueng Raba (shoot of the Raba River, the edge of the river touch). This tourism is called Pucok Krueng because this tourist area of ​​the bathing pool is indeed at the tip of the mountain and away from the settlement, about 20 kilometers from the center of Banda Aceh. But if it's taken by land route, the distance from Lhoknga to Lamno, Aceh Jaya is 75 kilometers. However, you can not expect to find paved roads and filled with road signs. Throw away the mind of the trip to the edge of the river will be easy.

    Pucok Krueng is a tourism of mountain swimming pool that located in Lhoknga, Aceh Besar District. In general, Lhoknga is known as a beach resort with beautiful white sand and culinary exciting. But, behind all that, it turns out Lhoknga save a charm that begins to emit light to the surface. Pucok Krueng with its natural and charm scenery is actually located at a mountain corner in an altitude area above the residential population. This location has been known since five years ago.

    At first, not many people know the existence of this place other than local villagers, who come gardening and paddy in the area of Pucok Krueng. Over time, this area began to be known among the young nature lovers and backpackers, which eventually it's developed from mouth to mouth. Instantly, exploring the foot in this area, our eyes will be spoiled by the green pool of water whose springs are directly sourced from the mountain. The green shades of various trees and the original mountain water of the mountains are wiped out all the fatigue and stiffness that had sprung up the body.

    In the main pool with greenish water color, the travelers look busy take some moments by their camera and gadget, while some other feel fun and swim to enjoy the fresh water. On the cliff wall, a rope looks suspended from the top of the cliff. Apparently the rope is also used for travelers who want to test their adrenaline, by climbing the cliff wall with the rope, then jump into the bath pool. The distance is not far, just less than 20 meters, but not everyone can do it.

    The travelers who come are satisfied with the natural beauty of Pucok Krueng. But they regret the difficulty of travel to reach this location. Whereas the beauty of Pucok Krueng can be an interesting tourism with big potential. The natural beauty that has not been touched by humans has become the main attraction of Pucok Krueng. It is expected that the natural and fresh atmosphere will continue to be maintained here. Besides on providing natural freshness benefits, the presence of Pucok Krueng bath pool is a natural balance that must be preserved.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com, news.liputan6.com

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    wow, That's so amazing

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