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    Enjoying in Sibedil Waterfall, Pemalang - Central Java - Indonesia

    Pemalang in my mind is an area on the north coast of Java island, a small town in the wedge area Pekalongan and Tegal, Central Java, whose land is certainly hot and there is no good place to dikunjungi.Ternyata my thoughts are wrong, Pemalang turns out to have lots of options tourism, among other green mountains, lakes, and waterfalls or waterfall. The hunt this time I will find waterfalls in the area Pemalang, that is waterfall or waterfall Sibedil. Sibedil named because it is not far from the location of this object there is a stone that looks like a rifle. Sibedil waterfall located in the village of Sima Sima in the village of Moga district (about 46 Km South West direction Pemalang City). Towards a waterfall Sibedil no markers direction, so I have to ask locals.

    The road to waterfall Sibedil still very natural, a ladder staircase from ground stone mixed. Sibedil water flow waterfall visible from the dense bamboo grove of trees before we headed down.
    Sibedil altitude of about 20 m waterfall and surrounded by shady trees. Sibedil waterfall attraction are the many waterfalls around the waterfall and even around the waterfall shower full of small little waterfall that makes it good in view of the eye.
    Curug Sibedil still awake authenticity. Water conditions in the waterfall pretty clean though there are some inorganic waste. Can be small although rainbow among the rocks and thick plants around a small waterfall.

    photos: morincirebon.blogspot.com

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