There are many ways to enjoy a place, one of them is enjoying the beauty of the sunset at dusk. Cibereum Village in the morning and during the day may only be motors daycare and entrances to the various waterfall tourists. There are many waterfall tourists that can be enjoyed in this village, from Kembar (Twins) Waterfall to Ciburial Waterfall. But at dusk, the beauty of the Cibereum Village is new look. Paddy field culminate with a range of hills in the west end is seemed to hit orange glow of sunset.

Enjoying every minute sunset among the hills gives pleasure in itself. Moreover, accompanied by a bowl of noodles or a glass of warm coffee is satisfied after bathing in the waterfall. Across the gate reads "Twins Curug Cibereum (Curug Kembar Cibereum)" there is a bridge to either side of its boundary. It's a time to sit or stand while enjoying the beautiful sunset as well as ordering snacks or hot drinks from the shop next to the bridge. It seemed there was no harm pause from all the fatigue and freeing the mind from anything. Just quietly enjoy the beauty of sunlight of dusk between the fields and hills.

The scenery of dusk in Cibereum Village is no less great with views of Sembalun Village at the foot of Mount Rinjani, Lombok there. Cibereum Village is located in Bogor, inline with Leuwi Hejo tourist area. Full access is difficult enough stone road, climbs, and steep derivatives. But it still can be reached by motorcycle and car family.

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